The New Mexico Beef Council Board of Directors

The New Mexico Beef Council consists of nine members appointed by the New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture with the approval of the governor for terms of three years or less so that the terms of three members expire on June 30 of each year. Vacancies shall be filled by the New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture for the unexpired term. The New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the council.

All members of the council shall be producers, citizens of the United States and bona fide residents of New Mexico. Each member shall at the time of his appointment and during his entire term receive a substantial portion of his income from the branch of the business he represents on the council. In making his appointments, the New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture shall appoint one member to represent fluid milk producers, five to represent beef producers, one to represent breeders of registered purebreds and two to represent commercial cattle feeders. Appointments of council members are to be made from lists of individuals recommended by farm organizations, producer associations and individual producers.


2016-2017 DIRECTORS —



Alicia Sanchez
Purebred Producer 
Belen, NM



Tamara Hurt
Beef Producer 
Deming, NM



Kenneth McKenzie
Beef Producer 
Encino, NM

bruce davis

 Bruce Davis 

Beef Producer
Spriner, NM
mark mccollum

Mark McCollum

Fort Sumner, NM


Milford Denteclaw

Beef Producer 
Shiprock, NM


Zita Lopez

Springer, NM


Suzie Jones

Dairy Producer
Veguita, NM


Bill King

Beef Board
Moriarty, NM


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